A Family of Lebanese Sculptors Opens Its Own Museum

A Family of Lebanese Sculptors Opens Its Own Museum The open-air exhibition located in the Lebanese village Rachana has been displaying various sculptures for Michel Basbous and his family for more than fifty years. Mr. Basbous is a well-known Lebanese sculptor who studied in Lebanon and France, then decided in 1958 to found this exhibition in Rachana to display his works. After Michel's death in 1981, his son Anachar and many of the Basbous family members, continued producing sculptures and displayed them in the exhibition. Rachana had been always a permanent open-air museum housing the sculptures of Michel, his brothers and their children. The exhibition houses sculptures made of stone, wood, granite, resin and metal holding the distinctive style of the Basbous family. Anachar, along with his cousins, is now working on founding an enclosed museum that can preserve the sculptures and serve as a setting for artistic exhibitions and art festivals in the future. Anachar thinks that Lebanon has little to offer the world besides its talent. And due to that, he complains about the lack of Lebanese government support for artistic initiatives. Michel Basbous' works were displayed in prestigious places like Musee de L'Art Moderne in Paris and the Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan. Speaker: Anachar Basbous Voice: Mourad Kricha By Noora Faraj and Shounaz Mekky Al Arabiya with Agencies

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