Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve - Maasser Cedar Forest, Lebanon

Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in the Chouf District of Lebanon. It is located on the slopes of Barouk mountain and has an area of 550 km2, nearly 5.3% of the Lebanese territory. The reserve contains the Lebanon Cedar forests of Barouk, Maaser el Shouf and Ain Zhalta. It is an Important Bird Area (IBA) and Eco-tourism area. It hosts 32 species of wild mammals, 200 species of birds, and 500 species of plants. The cedar forests of Lebanon enjoy the unique distinction as the oldest documented forests in history. The cedars were important enough in the history of man to be traceable to the very earliest written records, that of the Sumerians in the third millennium BC. In the ancient Sumerian story, The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest pieces of literature in the world, the Cedars feature prominently. Gilgamesh has since been recognized as King Gilgamesh of history and in probability visited Mount Lebanon. Some cedars are estimated to be 2,000 years old. We would like to thank my Dad and Bashir for making this possible and for their wonderful hospitality and kindness. We love you.

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